Unit Tests for the Code Snippets Database

In answering a comment on my previous post I recalled I had written some unit tests for a few snippets from the Code Snippets database.Well I've tracked them down to a dusty old Subversion repository on The sub-repo is here.Better still, I've downloaded the source and made it available on my GoogleDrive as, if anyone fancies running the tests using Delphis from XE5 onwards and can report the results on a per-compiler & per snippet basis, I'd be more than grateful. I can then (laboriously!) update the database with the results.

CodeSnip Hotfix v4.17.1 released

CodeSnip v4.17.1 has just been released. This is a hotfix release that makes changes to the "What's New" dialogue box that appears only when updating from a release of CodeSnip prior to v4.16.0.These changes should have been included in v4.17.0 but were overlooked.NOTE: if you have already updated to v4.17.0 you do not need this release since you will never see the dialogue box that has been changed.You can download both the standard and portable editions of the hotfix from either GitHub or SourceForge, as usual:Get the program from GitHub.Get the program from SourceForge.

CodeSnip v4.17.0 released

I've just release CodeSnip v4.17.0.This release belatedly adds support for test compiling snippets with Delphi 10.2 Tokyo, Delphi 10.3 Rio and Delphi 10.4 Sydney compilers.You can download both the standard and portable editions from either GitHub or SourceForge.Get the program from GitHub.Get the program from SourceForge.Since I don't have any of these compilers I've not been able to check the code, so I'd be grateful if anyone can give me some feedback.Also, if anyone test compiles the coed in the DelphiDabbler Code Snippets Database in any of those compilers, or Delphi 10 Seattle or 10.1 Berlin for that matter, please do send your results and I'll update the database.Thanks.

Quick and Dirty Theme Change

Since I just changed the theme on my main DelphiDabbler's Blog I thought I'd better update this one too. The main aims were (1) to make it mobile friendly (2) to spend no more than 10 mins doing it for now! I've achieved both aims by simply using a pre-built Blogger theme and spending zero time customising it. Not the best it could look, but at least it's usable on mobile now.

Server move underway

As previously notified, the domain is being moved over to a new server today, 9 June 2020. Read more about the move This means that, as the change of server propagates across the net the web services used by CodeSnip <= 4.15.1 will stop working. So, another hint, it's time to update to v4.16.0! It also means that the web apps on and will also cease to work over the next few hours. CodeSnip can still be found at new world!

Whoops! CodeSnip 4.16.0 download links broken

I managed to provide broken links to SourceForge on CodeSnip 4.16.0's GitHub release page.Fixed it now! Go to the release page.

DelphiDabbler web services to close 9th June

As a consequence of the move of to its new web host due on 9th June the web services that CodeSnip versions up to v4.15.1 used will close down.If you've not already done so you are strongly advised to update to CodeSnip v4.16.0 immediately. v4.16.0 has no dependencies on the old web services.Historical note: CodeSnip 4.16.0 doesn't access at all, because when development started I firmly believed that the site would be closing completely. That's no longer the case because the site has been saved. It is possible that the web services may come back at some point, in which case some of the changes may be reverted.Thanks for your patience.