Move From Subversion To Git Now Complete

CodeSnip's source code has finally been exported from it's Subversion repo to Git, hosted on GitHub.

The code was imported as of release 4.13.1. Much of CodeSnip's update history was successfully imported, although some deleted branches did not bring their history with them. So that the history is not lost I'm leaving the old Subversion repo up on SourceForge in a frozen state.

Releases will continue to be hosted on SourceForge - there are too many links pointing there to change it.

EDIT: For the moment the issue tracker is also still on SourceForge.

EDIT: At the time of writing there are some outdated links on that still point to the SourceForge repo, but they're mostly on CodeSnip's beta site. I'll fix them in due course.

EDIT: The CodeSnip FAQ also needs updating.

The new repo will be using the Git Flow methodology to manage updates and releases.


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