Released CodeSnip patch v4.18.1

I've just released v4.18.1 of CodeSnip . This release is fixes a few minor bugs, updates OS version detection and has a little bit of refactoring. The full change log is as follows: Improved handling of control and whitespace characters in generated HTML: revised which characters were converted to HTML character attributes / entities. Fixed error in title of Save Annotated Source  dialogue box. Replaced use 3rd party GIFImage unit with similar GIFImg unit from Delphi XE VCL. Corrected help topic for Dependencies dialogue box to describe Save & Close  button. Operating system detection code was updated to correctly detect Windows 11 and Windows 10 version 21H2. Some refactoring. Updated license document following removal of dependency on GIFImage unit. Download the new version from CodeSnip's GitHub releases page or from SourceForge - there's no difference. As always, there's a choice of downloading the standard or portable versions of the program. I reckon you&

Delphi 11 support added to Codesnip

A year and a day from the previous release, version v4.18.0 of CodeSnip has just been released. It adds support for the shiny new Delphi 11 Alexandria. CodeSnip can automatically detect Delphi 11 and can use it to test compile your snippets without leaving CodeSnip . Test compiles use the Windows 32 bit compilers. There are a few other, minor, updates as well. Check the change log if you're interested. You can get the standard Windows installer, the portable version and the source code from the release page on GitHub . - drop down the Assets  button if necessary to reveal the available downloads.

CodeSnip HotFix v4.17.2 released

CodeSnip v4.17.2 has just been released. This is a hotfix release that fixes a potential vulnerability in the jQuery code used by the program's easter egg . It's extremely unlikely this would have caused a problem, but better safe etc.! You can download the fixed program from the CodeSnip SourceForge project: go to the files tab and open the Release-4.17.2 folder. Alternatively you can get it from from GitHub . The source code is available from the delphidabbler/codesnip repository on GitHub – just make sure you're on the master branch to get the latest release or choose the version-4.17.2 tag.

Unit Tests for the Code Snippets Database

In answering a comment on my previous post I recalled I had written some unit tests for a few snippets from the Code Snippets database. Well I've tracked them down to a dusty old Subversion repository on The sub-repo is here . Better still, I've downloaded the source and made it available on my GoogleDrive as . So, if anyone fancies running the tests using Delphis from XE5 onwards and can report the results on a per-compiler & per snippet basis, I'd be more than grateful. I can then (laboriously!) update the database with the results.

CodeSnip Hotfix v4.17.1 released

CodeSnip v4.17.1 has just been released. This is a hotfix release that makes changes to the "What's New" dialogue box that appears only when updating from a release of CodeSnip prior to v4.16.0. These changes should have been included in v4.17.0 but were overlooked. NOTE: if you have already updated to v4.17.0 you do not need this release since you will never see the dialogue box that has been changed. You can download both the standard and portable editions of the hotfix from either GitHub or SourceForge, as usual: Get the program from GitHub . Get the program from SourceForge .

CodeSnip v4.17.0 released

I've just release CodeSnip v4.17.0. This release belatedly adds support for test compiling snippets with Delphi 10.2 Tokyo, Delphi 10.3 Rio and Delphi 10.4 Sydney compilers. You can download both the standard and portable editions from either GitHub or SourceForge. Get the program from GitHub . Get the program from SourceForge . Since I don't have any of these compilers I've not been able to check the code, so I'd be grateful if anyone can give me some feedback. Also, if anyone test compiles the coed in the DelphiDabbler Code Snippets Database in any of those compilers, or Delphi 10 Seattle or 10.1 Berlin for that matter, please do send your results and I'll update the database. Thanks.

Quick and Dirty Theme Change

Since I just changed the theme on my main DelphiDabbler's Blog I thought I'd better update this one too. The main aims were (1) to make it mobile friendly (2) to spend no more than 10 mins doing it for now! I've achieved both aims by simply using a pre-built Blogger theme and spending zero time customising it. Not the best it could look, but at least it's usable on mobile now.