Code Snippets Database support for CodeSnip program changing

Just under a year ago I stopped making updates to the Code Snippets Database available to users of CodeSnip 1 & 2 - the download option continues to work, but the version of the database those programs are fed never changes.

I'm now giving notice that, at the end of 2014, the same will apply to CodeSnip 3. So, if you are one of the very few remaining users of CodeSnip 3, please update to v4 if you want to keep getting updates to the database.

Why am I doing this? Well, I'm making inreasing use of features only supported by CodeSnip 4 and the online Code Snippets Database Take 2 web app. It's becomming more and more time consuming to serve an alternative version to CodeSnip v3. Given there are so few users of CodeSnip 3 I feel the time spent would be better used elsewhere.

If you violently object, I may still be persuaded to reconsider. But only if you leave a comment containing a sound argument before the end of October 2014!


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