New Release of the DelphiDabbler Code Snippets Database

In my previous post I said that a new version of the DelphiDabbler Code Snippets Database would be released on GitHub as one of the prerequisites of releasing a new version of CodeSnip.

Well the database has just been released as part of the delphidabbler/code-snippets project on GitHub. This is version 2.0.

Here are a few details:

  • The v2 database is not backwards compatible with the earlier versions.
  • It has been revised to stand alone from the CodeSnip program in as much as the code is available to be accessed by other applications.
  • There are no new snippets: the only change to the content is that the two string management categories have been merged into one. Why there were two is a long story to do with maintaining backward compatibility.
  • License, copyright and version information is now included with the database.
  • The snippets are now formally licensed under the MIT license.
There's now just a revision of the SWAG database to finish before CodeSnip can be released.


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