Change Of Heart

A couple of days ago, over on DelpDabbler's Blog, I announced that is no longer to close down.

The site is more than likely to be moving to a new host. Even if that falls through the site will relocate to GitHub.

So what does this mean for CodeSnip?

Well, alongside my decision to keep running I've also decided to update CodeSnip at long last - work is well underway on the new release - expected to be v4.16.0.

I'm still planning to make some of the changes I announced in January, but other things have changed. Here's what's happening now:

Firstly, here's the deal with all the current versions of CodeSnip (i.e. up to v4.15.1):

  • Support has ceased. Please don't report any bugs. The old bug reporter on SourceForge has been taken down.
  • The web services that CodeSnip uses are still going to close on 15th June.
  • CodeSnip will no longer be able to download the online database, access the SWAG database or submit code after 15th June.
  • The news feed and program & database update checkers will cease to work on 15th June.

As for the new version:

  • It will not use any of the old web services. (I've done this because I can't guarantee they'll be supported on the new host).
  • A new version of the online database will be released on GitHub. CodeSnip will be able to load a load that database or continue to display any existing copy. However the user will have to manually download it from GitHub. There's a new wizard to help with this.
  • Likewise there's a revised version of SWAG due to be released that can be downloaded from GitHub. The import wizard is being modified to help load the new format.
  • Submissions to the online database will no longer be possible, although the export of code for sharing with others will continue to be supported.
  • The news feed and update checkers will be removed. News about updates will be posted on this blog. The blog is linked to from CodeSnip's Help menu.
  • The program will be supported: bugs will be able to be reported on GitHub (account required).

The upshot is that users need to update as soon as the new version of CodeSnip is released, and certainly before 15th June.

Watch this blog for more info.


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