Saturday, 21 March 2020

Change Of Heart

A couple of days ago, over on DelpDabbler's Blog, I announced that is no longer to close down.

The site is more than likely to be moving to a new host. Even if that falls through the site will relocate to GitHub.

So what does this mean for CodeSnip?

Well, alongside my decision to keep running I've also decided to update CodeSnip at long last - work is well underway on the new release - expected to be v4.16.0.

I'm still planning to make some of the changes I announced in January, but other things have changed. Here's what's happening now:

Firstly, here's the deal with all the current versions of CodeSnip (i.e. up to v4.15.1):

  • Support has ceased. Please don't report any bugs. The old bug reporter on SourceForge has been taken down.
  • The web services that CodeSnip uses are still going to close on 15th June.
  • CodeSnip will no longer be able to download the online database, access the SWAG database or submit code after 15th June.
  • The news feed and program & database update checkers will cease to work on 15th June.

As for the new version:

  • It will not use any of the old web services. (I've done this because I can't guarantee they'll be supported on the new host).
  • A new version of the online database will be released on GitHub. CodeSnip will be able to load a load that database or continue to display any existing copy. However the user will have to manually download it from GitHub. There's a new wizard to help with this.
  • Likewise there's a revised version of SWAG due to be released that can be downloaded from GitHub. The import wizard is being modified to help load the new format.
  • Submissions to the online database will no longer be possible, although the export of code for sharing with others will continue to be supported.
  • The news feed and update checkers will be removed. News about updates will be posted on this blog. The blog is linked to from CodeSnip's Help menu.
  • The program will be supported: bugs will be able to be reported on GitHub (account required).

The upshot is that users need to update as soon as the new version of CodeSnip is released, and certainly before 15th June.

Watch this blog for more info.

Friday, 7 February 2020

Online Code Snippets Database Frozen

There will be no further updates to the online Code Snippets Database for users of all current versions of CodeSnip (i.e. up to v4.15.1)

There is a new GitHub repo containing a version of the online database. This has been done so the the database will not be lost after closes down on 15 June 2020. (EDIT: site no longer closing [more info]). The database is being reformatted. The only change to content is that the two String Management categories have been merged.

The new release of CodeSnip I'm working on will be able to import the reformatted database, although it will have to be downloaded manually and imported from file.

Note that although all current versions of CodeSnip 4 will allow you to submit new code to the database (at least until closes), such submissions are no longer being accepted.

Thursday, 6 February 2020

CodeSnip FAQs Moved To GitHub

The FAQs for using and compiling CodeSnip have moved from to a Git repo on GitHub. See

EDIT: site no longer closing [more info]. This has been done so that the FAQs are preserved ready for the scheduled closure of

Most versions of CodeSnip should handle the change transparently. If yours doesn't then please update to the latest version.

Wednesday, 22 January 2020 Closure And Impact On CodeSnip

This post has been superseded - please see the Change Of Heart post for details.

On 15 June 2020 will be closing down.

This will have the following impact on users of CodeSnip:

  • Users will loose access to the online Code Snippets database. If the database has already been downloaded by then you will retain access to it.
  • Access to the online SWAG database will also cease. Any snippets from that database that have been downloaded before 15 June will remain available because they're stored locally.
  • CodeSnip will no longer be able to check for programs and online database updates. In the latter case that won't be a problem because there will not be any more updates, but you won't get notified of any new program updates that may follow 15 June.
  • The CodeSnip news feature will stop working - not that there's been any news for a long time!

In addition I'm not taking any more feature requests or bug reports for CodeSnip versisons up to 4.15.1] and, although the online bug reporter may work until 15 June, the bug report page it points to already gives a 404 error.

So, will there be any more programs updates?

I'm planning one final one that removes all the options that require to be alive. I'm also hoping to merge the online database with the user databasethat enables the online one to be downloaded from GitHub and to make it editable.I'm changing the online database to be downloadable from GitHub.

Whether I'll manage it before 15 June is debatable. If you want to follow progress please look at CodeSnip's GitHub page from time to time.

And finally, thanks for using CodeSnip this past 15 years!