CodeSnip v4.14.0 Released

CodeSnip v4.14.0 has just been released.

The main visible feature of this minor release is that two buttons have been added to the About Box's Paths tab (now renamed Paths & Files) that enables to program's config files to be displayed.

There's now a new command line option to cause CodeSnip to use a test web server when accessing web services. This is for the use of developers when testing the web services used by the program.

Internally, operating system detection has been updated.

Finally, and just because it's the Spring Equinox tomorrow here in the northern hemisphere, I've added a new doggy pic to the program's Easter Egg! Spoiler - move your mouse around the About Box and see if you take the hint ;-)

Download this new release using the following links:

You can also download the source from GitHub.


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