Tuesday, 29 September 2015

CodeSnip v4.13.1 Released

CodeSnip v4.13.1 has just been released.

This release mainly makes CodeSnip play nicely with Windows 8.1 and 10. If you are using either OS please update.

Other than there is a minor change to how the program decides which fonts to use in the UI. There's an outside chance that this may change the font if you use Windows 2K, XP or Vista.

Download this new release using the following links:

Saturday, 5 September 2015

CodeSnip v4.13.0 Released

CodeSnip v4.13.0 has just been released and adds supports for test compiling snippets with Delphi 10 Seattle.

The program's Configure Compilers dialogue box should now be able to auto-detect Delphi 10 on systems where it is installed. Since I don't have Delphi 10 Seattle installed I'd be grateful if any users who do can let me know if this works: please leave a comment.

To configure to CodeSnip to work with Delphi 10 Seattle, select the Tools | Configure Compilers menu option and in the resulting dialogue box click the Detect Delphi Compilers button. If the compiler has been detected it will appear in bold in the list of compilers on the left of the dialogue window.

Note: Any AppMethod installations may be reported as Delphi.

Download this new release using the following links:

Improved Build Process

As from this release the build process has been simplified for those wishing to build the program from source. You no longer need the Microsoft MIDL compiler, and hence the MS SDK to build the program's type library. This can now be built using only tools provided with Delphi.

For detailed information on how to build CodeSnip 4.13.0 please see the file Build.html in the source code download above or in the version-4.13.0 tag branch of the Subversion repo.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

CodeSnip Source Code Repo Moved

Following the announcement earlier this year that GoogleCode was about to close, it has been necessary to move CodeSnip's Subversion source code repository to another host.

It was my original intention to bite the bullet and convert the repo from Subversion to Git and move it to join my other code on GitHub. However, that has proved to be too ambitious in the time I'm willing to spend on it, so I've decided to stay with Subversion, at least for now.

EDIT: The move to Git has now happened - see this later post.

So it seemed logical to move the source to SourceForge, because that's where the release binaries and ticketing system are hosted.

The move was completed earlier today. The old GoogleCode URL still works for now (and will do for the rest of 2015), but now a simple page is displayed that redirects the user to SourceForge. This means that some URLs published in CodeSnip documentation will now be out of date. I'll correct these in future CodeSnip releases, but for now please be aware.

CodeSnip's SourceForge page is here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/codesnip/ and you can get into the Subversion repo from there.

Up to date info on compiling CodeSnip can be found in the CodeSnip Compiling & Source Code FAQ.